New exhibit shows Oklahoma's outdoor history

Wednesday, April 2nd 2008, 11:51 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

A new exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center shows how outdoor life in Oklahoma has evolved from the Indian Territory days to present.

The exhibit explores each of the states five ecosystems.

David Davis is the Curator of Special Exhibits at the Oklahoma History Center. 

"That diversity gives the people of Oklahoma more opportunity to enjoy different types of wildlife and different types of parks, different areas of the state," Davis said.

Tourists came to see it's wildlife before Oklahoma was even a state.

"To a lot of people back East, and to Europeans, some of the European's that were on some of these expeditions, to them it was very exotic," Davis said. "The bison was something that was completely unheard of, and most people were very excited to see one."

From duck calls to a precursor to the pop up tent, everything outdoors is displayed in the exhibit.

"We tried to incorporate a lot of fun things to do in that we incorporated computer touch screens, plasma video screens, sound domes that will be over your head that will direct sound directly over you," Davis said.

The water trail section of the exhibit offers something timid people should stay away from.

"You're going to see a noodling interactive," Davis said. "For those people who are brave enough, you can put your hand in the hole and see what you come out with. And as part of that, we have a photo opportunity where you can be the noodling champion."

The exhibit, Field, Forest and Stream will open to the public Friday, April 4. For more information, log on to The exhibit will be on showcase throughout the rest of the year.