In with the new...

Wednesday, April 9th 2008, 2:01 pm
By: News 9

Over the past two weeks or so I've been lucky enough to experience a couple of wonderful events here in the metro.  Keep in mind this reporter moved here last year from a city that has a 'new' and exciting event about once or twice a year -- Beaumont, Texas isn't exactly a hot-spot for a lot of hot-shots, so I try to soak it all in when I have the time and money.  

I attended my first boxing event at Remington Park.  It's called Tuesday Night Fights.  Tickets were $20.  It was a sold-out crowd and it was very entertaining.  This event started with a couple of 'rounds' involving small children who train at a boxing gym on the south side of the metro.  As the kids took to the ring, it was very obvious that the crowd was uneasy with the ages of the contestants.  I felt the same way.  It just didn't feel right cheering on two kids who were punching each other in the face - although they did have plenty of protection gear on.

Eventually the bouts turned to the professionals and what a night!  There were several one-minute knock-outs and the night's feature fighter, Noah Zuhdi, delivered what the promotions promised.
Now, while this was a very exciting event, and I'm happy I at least experienced it, I doubt I'll do it again.


Well, tickets were too much. I'm penny pinching lately thanks to gas prices and of course you have to throw in the cost of beer and snacks into the night and it adds up quickly.  There was a 'scuffle' in the crowd.  The organizers seemed to be very disorganized and confused at times and the lovely young lady who was scheduled to perform as entertainment walked off the ring with her head down after the equipment failed to properly work.  I'd chalk most of that up to the 'it's-our-first-night-back' type of lessons learned, but the biggest reason I won't return is the smoking.  We were in a enclosed room and I didn't enjoy the man and woman sitting right next to me lighting up a cigarette and blowing smoke in my face.  Yeah, yeah - I know it's a boxing event, but it's 2008 and I thought it was disgusting, rude and dangerous for the children who were also sitting around me and soaking in the second-hand smoke.  

Moving on ..  

I had the chance to catch the Blue Man Group's show at the Ford Center last week.  I've seen this group's show in Las Vegas a number of times and wondered how they would be able to pull off what's often a small venue show in a place as large as the Ford Center, but alas - it was a success.  If you've never seen this group, you should add it to your to-do list ASAP !   It's an audience interactive show that keeps your attention every second along the way.  


Tuesday night I ventured with a friend down to Moore for a night out at the new Warren Theaters.  That's the gorgeous new complex that sits off I-35.  Remember I'm penny pinching, so I was a little hesitant at first when I heard the ticket prices for the balcony experience were $18.  However, I was talked into it and I did want to at least give it a chance, and I'm happy I did.  After dining in the upstairs lounge we were escorted to our seats by an usher.   The theater was huge, elegant and gorgeous.  Our seats were very spacious, the seats had heaters, and there was a small red button we could push that called a waiter to our table who took food and drink orders.  The digital picture was clear, the sound was great and it was a night worth the hefty price.   Will I return?

As soon as I can find another $50 to pay for the gas to get back down there.

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