Restaurant bares all turning food into art

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 8:33 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

A global cuisine bares more than just your usual dinner experience. It's the first of its kind in Oklahoma City; a restaurant that makes dining an art. Your meal is served on a live human serving tray.

The music, the dim room, the candle lights and your share of Asian cuisine create not your typical dining at Kang's Asian Bistro.

"It's the art of body sushi," General Manager of Kang's Asian Bistro, Christopher Weston said. "It is representation of the beauty of body and the beauty of art together."

And believe it or not, this work of art is now here and it's what's for dinner. So long the traditional platter and welcome sushi served on a live human service tray.

"You have to obviously not speak to the model because she's basically a living piece of art but she's not a vocal piece of art so you obviously don't touch the model," Weston said.

It's called Nyotaimori and originated in Japan centuries ago. Sushi of all shapes and sizes are strategically set and served on a naked model.

"These are the kind of cultural things you find in L.A., and New York, but rarely does anyone get to see that here," Weston said.

It is an appetizing sushi experience seen in the Sooner State for the very first time.

"The food is really great," diner Molly Hill said. "It's a wonderful atmosphere and it's a unique experience that you don't typically find here in the Midwest."

"I have heard about this in national news, on those offbeat stories, and it sounded like a very intriguing idea," diner Timothy Hill said.

"This is going to bring new culture, a lot of new ideas coming in and that's what we find is important; it's not the same old thing," Weston said.

For some, it's bringing a new culture to the table, for others, a culinary masterpiece.

"There's nothing wrong with beauty in many different forms and fashion, and we're just happy to experience it here in Oklahoma City," Molly said.

Kang's Asian Bistro is having their next naked sushi dinner Friday night at their Nichols Hills location.
Kang's Asian Bistro is located on 6600 N. Olie Ave. and can be reached at 840-1234.