Letter jacket held hostage

Monday, December 3rd 2007, 3:42 pm
By: News 9

Kaylee Blanchard, a Moore High School junior, was excited when she lettered in basketball and softball after only her freshman year. Her excitement was doubled after her parents decided to buy her a letter jacket as a Christmas gift last year. But her excitement turned into frustration after one local sports store shut up shop and took off her letter jacket.

"It's driving me insane," said Kaylee Blanchard. "It's making me pretty mad."

Six months ago, the Blanchards went to L & S Sports in Oklahoma City to get the patches sewn onto Kaylee's jacket. But before it was ready the Tax Commission shut the sports store down. Denise Blanchard, Kaylee's mother, said there was a handwritten note telling customers to call the owner's cell phone if they were missing some of their property.

"I've called his number once a week, every week, and I haven't got a call back," said Denise Blanchard.

News 9 also tried to call, but the calls went unanswered. Left with no other options, NEWS 9's Amanda Taylor went to his home to confront the Lloyd Petete, the former owner of L&S Sports. Once at his front door, Petete handed the jacket directly over to Taylor.

Petete said he didn't call Kaylee and her family back, because there was nothing new to tell them.  He said he was still working on the jacket. Petete said he ordered a new coat, because he must have accidentally sewn someone else's patches on her sleeve and he was not done transferring the right patches onto the new coat.

Amanda Taylor was able to return the jacket to Kaylee and return Kaylee's excitement for her letter jacket.  

"Oh my goodness! This feels so good to wear my coat," exclaimed Kaylee.

Kaylee's mom said she would have been fine with the owner taking his time-if only he would have let them know. Ron's Sports World is helping Kaylee out now. Ron's has offered to transfer all of Kaylee's patches over free of charge.

"This is the best surprise because she wanted it so bad," said Denise Blanchard.

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Originally Aired: 11-07-07