Solicited e-mails

Tuesday, December 4th 2007, 10:56 am
By: News 9

With telemarketing calls, junk mail and spam, it's easy to see why consumers are fed up with unsolicited information. A group of "recovering telemarketers," as they call themselves, decided consumers needed to stay "dialed-in," but on their own terms.

"We're watching after consumers," said Sean Conrad, chief marketing officer for"

Sean Conrad said the name of his company says it all. keeps an eye out for the consumer with a dual purpose in mind.

"Give them the protection they want so they're not inundated, but also provide them with really some convenience in their life to go out and find the things that are really important to them," said Conrad about the mission of the company. 

Chief operations officer of the consumer website, Chad Jones, demonstrated just how they find out what's important to you.

When you register, for free, you pick from a lengthy list of the things that interest you. Then, you check off how you want to be contacted, like by e-mail, mail, or by telephone. And then you check off when you want to be contacted--giving you total control.

"If you choose golf as one of your areas of interest; then we go out and we search for products services, deals, special bargains, discounts-things related to golf that we can tell you about," said Conrad.

"It's almost like a shopping -bot," said Annette White-Klososky, a member of "If you sit down at the internet, you can be there for three hours. There's so much information."

The site has saved Klososky her valuable time. Now, instead of her time being hours searching for those deals, all the information comes directly to her. She even has the option to search through the merchants and services she receives to find the deal she wants with the company she wants.  

"It's a filter; it's a great filter, in order to say here's what I want you to push to me,"  said Klososky.

Also from the Web site, you can register to get on the "do not call list," along with details on stopping spam and junk mail. And there's a little incentive to sign up now, they have an iPhone give-away going on just for registering.

Originally aired: 11-14-07