Here comes crazy uncle

Friday, December 21st 2007, 12:47 pm
By: News 9

November 26

There is controversy in the college football world over the lack of minority head coaches. But the focus of the ire is on Texas A&M right now and that's a futile endeavor. Trying to figure out the logic behind why and how the Aggies do things the way they do is a dead end.

Why did A&M not interview anybody else before hiring Mike Sherman? Come on! Why do they make-out after touchdowns? Why are dogs buried outside their stadium? Why do they greet each other by saying "Howdy?" What's the deal with the uniforms and bayonets and will they really shoot you if you step on the grass? What in the heck does Gig-em mean? What about rickety-schnickety-diggety-ticketry...whatever they say?

Listen, I'm all for trying to bring more equality to college football. It's a must. It is a noble and necessary pursuit. But A&M is kind of like that crazy uncle everybody has at Christmas that talks to himself and belches out loud. Nobody knows what he's saying and just leaves him alone.

Texas A&M hired Mike Sherman. Don't question that! They might shoot you...or Gig-you...or make-out with you. They're college football's crazy uncle.