Set for departure

Saturday, December 29th 2007, 4:48 pm
By: News 9

Saturday, December 29

My day is starting at 2:30am in Chesterton, Indiana but by noon I'll be in Phoenix. I make my first Fiesta Bowl/Insight Bowl Coverage appearances tonight on News 9 so get ready for ratings to skyrocket among the female demographic.

Why Chesterton you ask? Home of the Smiths I answer. The inlaws. Leaving the family in the Chicago suburbs while I go frolic in the Arizona sun. Tough job.

Let's just get this straight now. This blog will primarily be about sports...but not entirely. If I stray from time-to-time you'll have to forgive me. Between the radio show in the morning and the TV gig at night, once in awhile this giant sports genius brain of mine needs a rest.

I have this awesomely awkward relationship with my brother-in-law. He works at GM in Detroit and doesn't know a lick about sports. I mean he couldn't tell you who Kobe plays for (the answer by the way is "himself"). I, on the other hand, don't know a cotton pickin' thing about cars. So every time we see each other, which is about twice a year, I'll rack my brain trying to think of some automobile article I've glanced across in the last six months just so we'll have something to talk about. Then he'll say something like..."how about those steroids, huh?"

So get this, last night he tells me he got a brand new fancy HD TV for Christmas. Then he notifies me that he doesn't have cable! What?!? I asked him what he watches in HD and he said, "the weather." I told him he had to watch a game in HD, and he said he came across some canoeing the other day and that was pretty cool. I shake my head at it.

On a related note, my mother and father finally gave in and got text messaging this week. My dad's first message to me was to let me know his colonoscopy went fine. Nice.

Arizona, here I come!