New Year's Day Nuggets

Tuesday, January 1st 2008, 3:25 pm
By: News 9

It's the annual New Year's Day College Football Festival. I'll update this throughout the day. Just watching as much football as possible while putting together our shows in Phoenix.

-I'm not a fan of the all one-color uniforms. Arkansas in all red. Florida in all blue.

-The Texas Tech punter kicking with the opposite foot is the play of the day so far.

-Mizzou is kicking Arkansas. Arkansas beat LSU. Connect the dots. I know it doesn't work like that but I'll continue to beat the drum that LSU isn't as good as everyone thinks. I'm starting to like Ohio State more and more.

-Eric Ainge will be a starter in the NFL.

-Has anyone ever actually seen Wisconsin throw the football?

-It would've been great to be at the Mike Leach/Al Groh pre-game press conference. That's like Jerry Seinfeld and Henry Kissinger. I bet Leach put a whoopi cushion in his chair.

-Felix Jones will be a better pro than "Run DMC."

-Where do they find all those big butt running backs at Wisconsin?

-Tim Tebow is Superman! Pat Jones is The Penguin!

-Is it weird that Rich Rodriguez is making the rounds at the Michigan game? It reminds me of Schnelly at the OU-BYU game in '94.

-I was really excited to see the Cotton Bowl, but it has disappointed. No Contest. Makes it that much more impressive what OU was able to do to the Missouri offense.

-How about Virginia getting 21 points at halftime with two touchdowns, two safeties and a field goal?

-By the way, did anyone see A-Rod show up in Times Square last night with Carson Daly to see the ball drop? He just showed up. They had no idea he was coming. Who does that? Hilarious.

-Star of the day so far = Tony Temple....281 yards, Wow!

-It's ironic that Lloyd Carr was basically chased off for being too "old school" and right now he's handing it to the king of inovation Urban Meyer.

-Howie Long's kid is a monster.

-Texas Tech down 14 at half. I bet they still win by 14.

(Break to produce 5p and 6p newscasts)

-Congrats to Lloyd Carr. Great way to end a career. Why can't Heisman Trophy winners win in bowl games? Since 2000...(2000) Chris Weinke - Lost to Oklahoma, (2001) Eric Crouch - Lost to Miami, (2002) Carson Palmer - Beat Iowa, (2003) Jason White - Lost to LSU, (2004) Matt Leinart - Beat Oklahoma, (2005) Reggie Bush - Lost to Texas, (2006) Troy Smith - Lost to Florida, (2007) Tim Tebow - Lost to Michigan.

-Texas Tech didn't win by 14 but they did mount a furious late game rally. I love watching those guys play. The Big 12 is now 4-2. Tech has now won five of last six bowl games, the last 3 all decided by three points.

-I was hoping Illinois could give USC a game. Just too many mistakes. I know a lot of people don't like Brent Musberger, but I still love to listen to him call a game. He makes every game he calls sound like the biggest game of all time.

-With USC winning big....and if OU wins'll be real interesting to see what the final AP poll looks like if the BCS Championship game winner isn't impressive.

-Early prediction on the Sugar Bowl. Georgia will kill Hawaii. The Rainbow Warriors are unfortunately in a BCS game one year after Boise State pulled off their miracle. Georgia will be focused and they will simply overpower the islanders.

-Who would win spaz contest between Pete Carroll and Ron Zook? They both look like hyperactive kids in a candy store.

-I just can't handle Thom Brennaman as a football announcer. His voice means baseball to me. I keep waiting for Knowshon Moreno to hit a one-hop double to the gap. Anyone who I know is in Jim Traber's cell phone should not be calling a BCS game on my tv.

-I love the fact that June Jones is wearing a lei while coaching. It reminds me that they are from Hawaii. I had forgotton for awhile where his team was from, then I saw the lei and I said, "Oh, that's it. They're from Hawaii." I wish Mark Richt was wearing a peach. It would be so helpful.

-I get itchy when I watch a game in the SuperDome.

-UGA is clobbering the Hulas. I'm going to bed. Two BCS games. Two duds. The BCS stinks. OU-West Virginia prediction in the morning. Happy New Year Oklahoma.