Bob vs Les...SuperHeroes Mount Up!

Tuesday, January 8th 2008, 9:27 am
By: News 9

Not since Rashaun Woods caught Josh Fields touchdown pass in the southeast corner of Owen Field has Les Miles had this much over on Bob Stoops. On that shocking night Miles dashed Stoops' championship hopes. Last night, Les realized his own in the wake of yet another OU BCS bobble.

And now the two men who used to go toe-to-toe, barb-for-barb in summer caravans are now equally seated among college football's aristocrats. When "The Hat" and "The Visor" now compare resumes it's a legitimate discussion.

The question is, what does the future hold? Bob & Les appear to be entrenched in Norman and Baton Rouge for the long haul. They are Batman and The Riddler. They are SuperMan and Lex Luthor. In 10 years who is the King of Gotham? Who will reign in Metropolis?

At one point it was laughable to think that Miles would be considered the better coach. Now nobody is laughing.