Poll takes pulse of voting church-goers

Thursday, January 10th 2008, 9:35 pm
By: News 9


NEWS 9 pollsters recently surveyed likely Oklahoma voters who regularly attend church.

Among the Democrats who attend church weekly, polls show 32% would vote for U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and 28% vote for John Edwards.

Those who attend church once or a few times a year, polls show 42% are likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.



As for the republican side, and those who consider themselves Evangelicals, polls show 48% said they will vote for former Arksansas Governor Mike Huckabee, 16% support Senator McCain.

As for those who say they are not Evangelical, those voters are split 23% each.


NEWS 9 Pollster Bill Shapard commented on the polls.

"John Edwards, who has done very well typically in the state of Oklahoma is having a real challenge from Hillary Clinton, that's because she is doing very well among those who attend church regularly," Shapard said. "If John Edwards is going to be able to win in this state, he will have to make a case that he best represents the interest of weekly church-goers more than Hillary does."


The poll margin of error is ±2.24%.

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