FEMA denies aid request

Tuesday, January 15th 2008, 8:52 pm
By: News 9

By Stacey Cameron, NEWS 9

Damage caused in December's ice storm was apparently not enough for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be more generous to Oklahoma.

The federal agency rejected Governor Henry's request for individual assistance.

December's ice storm may have been the worst in state history. The ice storm left hundreds of thousands without power and caused millions of dollars in damage.

FEMA said it wasn't that bad, if examined on an individual basis.

On January 9th, Governor Brad Henry asked FEMA to provide financial help to individual Oklahoman's. If granted, storm victims could have gotten help with housing repairs, temporary housing, unemployment assistance and low interest loans.

FEMA weighs a number of factors for individual assistance. The factor in the amount of people carrying insurance and whether volunteer agencies can meet the needs of individual disaster victims. They also look at how special populations like the elderly, low income or unemployed were affected in great numbers.

FEMA said Oklahoman's won't qualify for individual assistance from December's ice storm because state and volunteer agencies have the resources to cover the damage.

View press release from the office of Gov. Brad Henry