Please God, Don't Let the Patriots Win the Super Bowl

Monday, January 21st 2008, 10:36 am
By: News 9

The worst possible scenario is now squarely in sight. This would be like your girlfriend hooking up with your arch enemy. This would be like finding a half-eaten cockroach in your chicken salad. This would be like having diarrea on your wedding day.

If the Patriots close this thing out by winning the Super Bowl you have to crown them "The Greatest Team of All-Time." (I just got a little nauseous writing that)

There's unfortunately no way around it. 19-0 in this day and age when it's set up to be impossible to build a dynasty is amazing. Sorry Steelers. Sorry 49ers. Sorry Packers and Cowboys and '85 Bears. The 2007 Patriots will wear the sash of "Greatest Ever." Give them the belt. It's a feat that may very likely never be duplicated. And it's a season that will become more and more legendary the further we get from it. And while the thought of Belichick and Brady pushing aside the likes of Lombardi and Knoll and Montana and Walsh makes me physically's an inescapable truth. More than Super Bowl 42 is on the line February 3rd in the desert. The label, "Greatest Team Ever" is at stake.

On behalf of Ditka and Bradshaw and Shula and Aikman and Rice...I must therefore say...COME ON GIANTS!!!