Woman Tied Up In Home

Wednesday, January 23rd 2008, 12:57 pm
By: News 9

It's one of those stories you think could never happen to you and that was the case of an elderly woman here in Oklahoma City. Last week, a 79-year old woman was tied up in her bedroom by burglars who ransacked the place looking for anything of value.   She had lived in the house since 1974; in fact, she purchased the house from a friend of mine.

Police credit her with remaining calm during the ordeal which lasted about 20-30 minutes in broad daylight, 3pm.  But say there is no rhyme or reason for protecting yourself in a situation like that, which they admit is extremely rare.

The victim told me that she no longer feels safe at home, but decided to remain there hoping those feelings of helplessness would subside.  She says she's never felt unsafe in her home or even in the neighborhood in all the years she's live there, but she does admit that the area has changed and a lot of people move in and out all the time. 

Police still advise being alert and taking necessary precautions at all times of day such as keeping your doors locks, walking to your door with keys in hand and never leaving windows or the garage door open.  It's also important to get to know your neighbors, authorities say. There is strength in numbers.