What happens now? Chairman election process explained.

Thursday, January 24th 2008, 12:18 pm
By: News 9


Voters in school districts elect their district representative or district seat. Once a district seat is filled, the board of education elects a vice chairman. However, the chairman of the board is elected by all the voters in the Oklahoma County Schools District.

With the resignation of Cliff Hudson, there is no school board chairman, in title.

Joseph Clytus is still the vice chairman of the school board, but he will conduct meetings and take on the duties of the chairman in the absence of one.

If re-elected on Feb. 5, Clytus will not necessarily continue to serve as the vice chairman and acting chairman. The board will have to vote on who is the new vice chairman. That new vice chairman will take on the duties of the chairman until the next election vote in February 2009.

The school board will likely determine who will act as a substitute for the vice chairman in case of an absence, i.e. the vice chairman goes on vacation or falls ill and misses a few meetings. This vote will likely come in March during the meeting following the certification of the Feb. 5 votes, said Stephanie Mathers, one of the city's public schools attorney.