New Republican presidential hopeful

Thursday, January 24th 2008, 9:36 pm
By: News 9

By Stacey Cameron, NEWS 9

The Republican field of candidates got a little bit wider. Another member of the GOP is throwing his hat into the presidential ring.

Jerry Curry is the only General joining the GOP presidential ranks.

Enlisting in the Army during the Korean War, Curry rose from the rank of private to a 2 Star Major General.

Now this retired soldier feels none of the Republican candidates have the qualities needed to lead America.

"I've looked at all of the republican candidates that look like great people, but I don't believe any of them are strong enough to get the job done that America needs doing," Curry said.

While candidates like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee make a traditional run for the White House, General Curry is skipping the primary campaign trail and marching straight to the Republican National Convention.

"It's never too late to do what's right and I think getting into this race today is what's right," Curry said.