Traffic cams installed but no one is watching

Friday, January 25th 2008, 8:30 pm
By: News 9


It's easy for drivers to pass them without noticing, but high above some of Oklahoma's major interstates, Oklahoma Department of Transportation cameras watch traffic go by.

The state installed the cameras to help monitor and manage traffic, but the department's chief engineer, John Fuller, said most of the time no one is watching. 

"We do not have a traffic operations center and big console with cameras all over the walls," Fuller said. "We have not progressed to that point; we don't know if we'll ever progress to that point."

Both the transportation department and the Highway Patrol can see the pictures.  They hope to be able to use them more in the future to spot problems so drivers can be warned through the message boards installed over the highways.

The state said drivers can expect to see more of the signs and cameras as they get more money to install them.

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