Oh, The Places They'll Go

Friday, February 8th 2008, 3:20 pm
By: News 9

By Karin Caifa in New York

It was billed as a "super" week in presidential politics, but Tuesday's coast-to-coast voting wasn't as conclusive as many anticipated.   Both parties are still without presumptive nominees, though the Republicans are closer, with Mitt Romney's departure yesterday making it just a two-man race. But for the Democrats, primary season looks far from over.

So where do the candidates (and the journalists who follow them) go from here? To places they never anticipated they'd have to. This weekend brings contests to states that probably never imagined they'd get some pre-primary love from the candidates. Today, Kansas gets visits from John McCain and Mike Huckabee ahead of their Republican caucuses tomorrow. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will hold events in Washington state tonight, as they hold their caucuses tomorrow as well. Nebraska Democrats will also caucus tomorrow, and both parties hold Saturday primaries in Louisiana as well.

And don't forget about the U.S. territories. The U.S. Virgin Islands hold Democratic caucuses tomorrow and the folks in the Northern Mariana Islands wrap up their Republican caucuses tomorrow.

Maine held their three-day Republican caucuses last weekend, and Mitt Romney was the winner. The Democrats hold their contest on Sunday.

Beyond the weekend, the campaigns are gearing up for the so-called "Potomac Primary," when voters in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia go to the polls. In fact, Virginia residents were so eager to weigh in on the 2008 race that the State Board of Elections reported receiving over 700 calls on Super Tuesday, wondering why their local polling places were closed. Election officials told them to wait just one more week, when their votes will indeed become very relevant.