My Problem with The Big Ten

Friday, February 8th 2008, 5:07 pm
By: News 9

Forget the BCS. Forget problems with rampant text messaging or the influence of gambling on student athletes. Do you know what is the biggest crock of cheese being allowed to exist is in collegiate athletics today? The Big Ten!

How much longer are we going to allow this to go on? My youngster asked me the other night to name the teams in the Big Ten. I proceeded to name 11 schools...and then shrugged my shoulders. How can we continue to allow this among a grouping of institutions of higher learning?

They might as well make "Big Red" gum blue. They might as well make green beans orange. They might as well make Tiananmen Square a circle.

It's ridiculous. You want to hear something crazy? When the Big 8 had 8 teams it was called the Big 8! Then they added four teams and became the Big 12! STUNNING!

The Big Ten added a school and became The Big Ten!#@?%$#*

I know this is not a new revelation, but it irritates me to no end. It's now causing me to lose sleep at night. You might as well make "White-out" purple. You might as well put Four Musketeers pictures on a "Three Musketeers" wrapper.

Hey Big Ten. How am I supposed to explain you to my children?