2008 Oklahoma Sports Media Awards

Sunday, February 10th 2008, 12:23 am
By: News 9

I would like to thank the obviously intelligent and handsome men over at TheLostOgle.com for ranking my blog as the Oklahoma City media blog that stinks the least. I feel how I imagine Larry Birkhead must have felt when he found out he was the father of Anna Nicole's baby. They have inspired me to pass out some media awards of my own (this ought to lose me some friends).

Biggest Ego: Jim Traber

Smallest Ego: I can't think of anybody

Loudest: Rusty Olson

Quietest: Guerin Emig or Scott Wright

Best Play-by Play: Chad McKee

Most Likely to Fall Asleep During a Live Broadcast: Merv Johnson

Most Likely to Have a Coach Throw Something at Him During a Press Conference: Clay Horning

Best Dressed: Dean Blevins

Worst Dressed: Dean Blevins

Largest Collection of Pocket Squares: Dean Blevins

Most Likely to Tell Bob Stoops He Smells Nice: James Hale

Most Likely to Stalk Bill Self: John Rohde

Most Likely to Wear Loafers with No Socks: Berry Tramel

Not Nearly as Fat in Person as Appears on TV: Toby Rowland

Bloggers Most Likely to Run My Future Presidential Campaign: The LostOgle Boys

Most Likely to Talk Golf the Day After the World Ends: Craig Humphreys

Most Likely to Dress Like Jesper Parnevik: Andrew Gilman

Least Capable of Participating in a Civilized Society: Mike Steely

Most Likely to Find a Positive in a 30-Point Loss: John Holcomb

Most Shocking to Find Out He Ran Cross-Country in High School: Carey Murdock

Looks Most Like Former Reds 3rd-Baseman Chris Sabo: T.J. Perry

I better stop while at least John Helsley and P.J. Mills are still speaking to me.