In the heart of the nation's capital

Thursday, February 14th 2008, 11:51 am
By: News 9

By Samantha Hayes

If she were to pick off political petals on this Valentine's Day, Hillary Rodham Clinton might be saying something like, "California loves me, Virginia loves me not." 

Meanwhile, her rival Barack Obama's bouquet of delegates seems to be blooming.

But political love can be the most fickle love of all. And the passion voters feel for a particular candidate one day can sour when a better suitor comes calling, or the candidate of one's dreams simply drops out of sight.

We have been impressed though, by the sheer commitment and adoration of Republican Ron Paul's supporters.

The Ron Paul Revolution has truly been a labor of love, particularly of the cyber sort.  You can even find a Volkswagen decked out for the Ron Paul campaign. That would be a "Love Bug."

Some Republicans have had a hard time falling in love during this election.  Maybe Fred Thompson teased them too long.  Rudy Giuliani only seemed to want to go out with Florida.   And John McCain gets many conservatives worked up in all the wrong ways - even though he's now the presumptive nominee.

There is something lovable about that double-dimpled Mike Huckabee and if you look on you can buy an "I Heart Huckabee" t-shirt.  Better do it fast.

The "Obama Girl" may not have followed through with her vote, but she did seem infatuated with the Illinois Senator for quite a while.  The scantily clad brunette proclaimed her "crush on Obama" to millions of internet viewers on YouTube.

Rather than flowers and candy, if its political poetry you are after on Valentine's Day, check out 

You can send your Democratic friends an e-mail "love note" from the Republic National Committee.  The one from "Hillary Rodham Clinton" reads, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll raise your taxes and there's nothing you can do."  Or "Obama" will coo, "My liberal heart bleeds for you."

As the campaign stretches on and on, it may not be love so much as money the candidates are after.

It all makes those little inscribed Valentine's candies look a lot better.

"Be mine."

Who knows, something that simple could win hearts, and votes.