Before you buy a car...

Monday, February 18th 2008, 1:10 pm
By: News 9

We all know car salesmen have a reputation for doing "whatever it takes"  to get us into a car.
I'm sure this goes without saying, not all car salesman are like that.  But because there are a few bad apples, I thought it would be very important to do a story reminding us all to be well informed before we ever need to buy a car.   

Most of what car dealers are doing is legal.  They can sell you a car for as much as they want... if you're willing to pay it (or get financed for it)!  And if something breaks down on the car, most of the time it's your responsibility.  There is a lemon law, but it does NOT apply to USED cars.  For the lemon law to apply to NEW cars, the car had to be in the shop 4 or more times for the same problem within a year or in the shop for a variety of problems 45 days or more.

You can also check a car's value by going to N.A.D.A.'s site:

In regards to a car's value...  I also learned is there's a thing called a "Monroney Sticker".  Every NEW car is required by law to have this sticker displayed on the window.  The sticker will let you know the suggested retail price.  That will help you in making a purchase.  

Oklahoma has a 2 different Motor Vehicle Commissions - one for new cars and one for used.  Both agencies will investigate claims.  The New M.V.C. is 607-8227.  The Used M.V.C. is 949-2626.  

For more on buying tips and the lemon law, check out the M.V.C.'s website: