Fan loses chance at $10,000

Friday, February 29th 2008, 8:08 pm
By: News 9

By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

STILLWATER, Okla. -- An Oklahoma State University basketball fan crossed the line and lost a chance at $10,000.

OSU grad Lonnie Brickman was the lucky half-time contestant who made not one, not two, but four shots in 25 seconds to win $10,000 in a promotion.

"We left that night thinking I had won the $10,000," Brickman said.

Kent Houck wasn't at the game but sponsored the half-time contest. He said he was excited when he heard someone made all four shots.

"We've already paid OSU for the promotion rights," he said. "We've paid for the insurance policy. We're out thousands of dollars. The greatest thing that could happen to me is to be able to give him the money."

After promotions auditors reviewed the shots they determined Brickman crossed the line.  Contest rules state participants cannot step over the three point line and the half court line.

Brickman said he thinks he was close.

"I've watched the video and the three point line, my toe looks like it's just barely touching the line," he said. "But I thought I might have an argument on the half court shot because there's not a line."