Activists denounce lawmaker

Tuesday, March 11th 2008, 7:56 pm
By: News 9


Local activists gathered Tuesday to denounce anti-gay comments made by Rep. Sally Kern. 

In a posting on YouTube last week the Oklahoma lawmaker compared homosexuals to cancer and said homosexuality is a greater threat than terrorism.

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  • Gays, lesbians and straights spoke out Tuesday at a press conference at Church of the Open Arms in Oklahoma City.

    "I'd like to say a big thank you to Sally Kern. Almost overnight, she has become one of the best fundraising tools for gay and lesbian political groups," said Steve Van Hook with the Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats.

    Speakers called for an apology from Kern and asked lawmakers to immediately consider all five hate-crime bills that have been filed this legislative session.

    "Representative Kern might have the freedom to believe whatever she wants, she has the freedom to say whatever she wants, but as a state legislator she has a responsibility to the people and her words are inappropriate and potentially dangerous," said Dr. Scott Jones of the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ.