Having Problems with your Landlord?

Thursday, March 13th 2008, 6:45 pm
By: News 9

The landlord tenant act is clear when it comes to repairs.  After you notify the landlord, they have 2 weeks to get the problem fixed.  Make sure you send them a certified letter requesting the repairs.  So many times we've gone to ask landlords why they haven't fixed anything - and they tell us this is the first they've heard about it.  And without a certified letter, it's hard to prove otherwise.

Now if there's a "health or safety threat" (like no water/electricity), the landlord has to make a "prompt" response.  What prompt is, is not defined.

Now if the landlord doesn't fix the problem after a 2 week notice, you CAN TERMINATE your lease agreement.  Or if the repair is minor (under 100 dollars), you can get it fixed yourself and then submit an invoice to the landlord.

When in doubt, I always call the Metro Fair Housing Council.  If you're a tenant they can answer your questions.  Their number is 232-FAIR.