March Madness Pet Peeve

Thursday, March 20th 2008, 6:13 pm
By: News 9

Day number one of The Dance has arrived and let me share with you one of my pet peeves in hopes that you won't fall into the same idiotic trap. The premise is this...your bracket is NOT more important than history.

It happens every year. A #1 or #2 seed is on the ropes and on the brink of an historic upset, and I hear people thoughout the newsroom or restaurant cheering for Memphis or North Carolina or UCLA or Duke because they have them in their bracket. YOUR BRACKET IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN HISTORY.

For Pete's sake people, a 16-seed has never beaten a 1-seed. Never! Never-Ever!!! If you have a chance of seeing that over the next two days and I see you rooting for the 33-point favorite I will come thump you on your forehead. Literally, I will flick you on your noggin.

Listen, I've got Texas winning the National Championship, but if Austin Peay is on the verge of a 15-seed over 2-seed upset I'll become the biggest Peay fan you've ever seen. Go Peay! It's history people. Don't root against it. (...or I'll thump you between the eyes.)