Getting in shape doesn't have to cost a bundle

Friday, March 21st 2008, 10:28 am
By: News 9

If you are like me maybe this year you have made a pledge to start exercising more.  How come I didn't start this 20 years ago???? (I will never know.) But we all can get moving and today we are going to help you get healthy by exercising, and save you a little money along the way.

It's a new year and maybe you are shopping for some new exercise equipment. Consumer Reports is ranking the best when it comes to shopping for a treadmill. The best buy Vision Fitness t9200 Simple it will cost you about $1,300, they also suggest the Epic View 550 for $1,000 and the ProForm Sport 1200 model will run you about $600.

On another note, have you noticed gas prices lately?  Whew! Spring Break is over and many of you might be thinking about summer travel plans. Here's a couple of ways to save on gas.  Tune up your car before your trip; it will be more fuel efficient. Stop high speed driving, it waste gas. Travels light, a lighter car uses less fuel, and keep your eyes open for the best deal at the pump along the way, those and other great trip savings ideas from

With Power for Your Pocketbook we are excited to bring you great ways to save money, and next week ladies the deal of the day, saving $40 when you go to buy your new running shoes.

Find out how next Thursday on NEWS 9 This Morning!



P.S.  Don't forget to send me your great savings ideas, or if you see a good deal around town people need to hear about send it to me so we can tell others.