Fighting food urges

Monday, March 24th 2008, 11:12 am
By: News 9

So we are done with week four!  It was a little more challenging for me; I kept having urges to eat stuff that is not so healthy for me.  I kept telling myself that if I am going to eat this then I am wasting my time working out and that usually did the trick. 

I am working really hard at the gym and also fitting in walking schedules for us.  I do not want to endanger the work that I have done so far.  I am trying to find more meals that are low in fat and in calories.  I think that is my problem that I am getting bored with what I am eating and I need to make it more interesting I guess.  So if anybody reading this has healthy recipes they would like to share I would love that.  


I have lost 9.5 pounds so far, I think that is pretty good.  Kevin is now below his starting weight, which is awesome.  We are starting to get compliments on the way we are changing.  I am noticing looser clothes I know that we are losing inches.  Kevin is definitely getting leaner he may not be seeing weight loss on the scales but we can really tell that he is losing inches and is really starting to look good.  His arms and shoulders are getting more definition to them, which I think is hot. LOL.  

I look forward to the weigh in on Monday; it keeps encouraging me to hang in there.  I also look forward to seeing the Bylers to see how they are doing.  I am finding that the more that I am exercising the more I want to exercise.  I always look forward to a nice brisk walk.  My parents have begun to want to get healthy.  We, if timing and weather permits, try to meet at our local park and walk. It is a nice time to talk and bond and just release the stresses of the workday.  Walking allows me to think about things like my family, and what I want for the future.  I love to walk it is a good "me" time.  I hope we have great weather because I encourage everybody to start walking.