Say no to Phone Trees!

Wednesday, March 26th 2008, 7:38 pm
By: News 9

If you're sick of going through all those automated prompts just to talk to a "live" person - you're not alone!  The thing that frustrates me, is I sometimes miss the prompt.  And now I'm stuck listening to all 6 options before I can push # to return to the main menu.  And what about those automated systems that you can talk to?!  I don't know how many times I'm yelling into the phone "No - I didn't say that - I said this!!!"

To ease our frustration....
Check out

All you do is find which company you want to call - type in your phone number - and when the site has gone through the automated prompts for you, it calls back... keep in mind, you may still have to wait for an operator - but at least you don't have to figure out if you need to push 1 or 2!

Having a chance to talk to the website's creator, he told me that some companies aren't too happy about this!  I guess one company (Dell) called to try to get them to stop.  Some have tried to block the site's phone number.. which gets Bringo! (the site's parent company) fired up.  They say it takes them about 3 minutes to change their phone number and get through once again. 

Maybe there will be a day when is not needed.  When you actually get customer service immediately when you call customer service.  We'll see!