I'm done with Seattle

Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 9:32 am
By: News 9

I was moved Sunday night by the outpouring of emotion in Seattle. I was moved at the passion of the fans who chanted and held up signs at the last Sonics home game hoping to save their beloved team. Chants of the repeatable and non-repeatable variety echoed through the Key Arena rafters. I felt sorry for these fans who are apparently about to lose their team of 41 years. I genuinely felt bad for Sonics fans. It looked to me like they flooded Key Arena with millions of fans trying desperately to save their team. What a night!

Then Monday morning I'm reading about the game on the "Seattle Times" website and it says that the arena was only "maybe 3/4 full." 3/4 full!!! For perhaps the final game in franchise history?!? For your last chance to make a statement to salvage your team? How am I supposed to have sympathy for a fan base who doesn't care enough to pack the house when the curtain comes down? Seattle basically said, "We want to keep this team so bad we're willing to sit in 3/4 of the seats and cry about it."

I'm done with my sympathy Seattle. I'm done feeling sorry for you. Quit complaining about emails and then backing it up with a 3/4 full arena for the farewell party. I'm sorry that we're stealing your girlfriend, but quite frankly you haven't taken very good care of yourself and we've been working out. Drop a few pounds, buy a new wardrobe and then get back out there and see what you can attract.

I want to feel sorry for you Seattle, but I can only muster up 3/4 of my sympathy.