Trying for 3 pounds

Monday, April 21st 2008, 11:56 am
By: News 9

Yeah!!! I lost my 2 pounds that I had gained last week. Now for this week I'm trying for at least 3 pounds so I can FINALLY break past the 290's. I've been in the 290's since I think I started this whole thing. That's frustrating, but this week I'm going to work hard to get under that and just keep it going from there.

My diet has been average this week. Not as limited as maybe I'm used to but I was still pretty good with my meals for the most part.

Josh and I and April and Kevin all did the Heartwalk 5K this past Saturday. It was great! And easier then I was expecting. We walked it in exactly one hour. The last time I did a 5K was a year ago and I had been in the hospital two months before that for blood clots. So walking was hard and exhausting for me back then and I barely made it, but this time was fun and I only had to stop twice and that was to tie my shoes. It felt good to not have everyone pass me constantly. It felt good to be able to keep up with the crowd. It felt good to be physically normal and not so out of shape that I couldn't walk more than a mile. And all this was built up in a little over a month. That's not that long of a time to work out.

Just think of all the results that Josh and I have already seen in that short amount of time. He's lost like 20 some odd pounds and 7 ¾ inches all over. I've lost 7 pounds and 6 ¾ inches all over. We're in one to two size smaller clothes and we're able to run and be active and not get overly exhausted and tired. We look and feel better than ever and we encourage all of you to try it and become healthier. You owe it to yourself and to your body.