Get up, get moving!

Monday, April 21st 2008, 12:09 pm
By: News 9

Wow, could we have asked for any better weather for the Heartwalk!!!! That was awesome.  This was the first year that Christyn and I have ever participated in this event and I think it is something we are going to look forward for years to come.  There were so many people there and it was such a great turn out to support such a worthy cause. 

My point of inspiration for the rest of this competition and timeline until I hit 200 pounds was seeing Nate and his wife (the two Oklahomans that were on the biggest loser this year).  That man I think I heard has lost over 99 pounds in six months or so and he looked great, so did his wife, but let me tell you there is nothing more inspiring than to see someone who was in the same shoes I was in and see them triumph over this weight hurdle, I CAN TRULY DO IT!!! And with my wife and families help I will be a healthy and lean 200 pounds and I will never look back except to tell myself NEVER AGAIN!

It's been a great week and this week proves to be even better if things go like I plan them too!!  I'm down to size 48 jeans (down from a 56).  I cannot tell you how it feels to look at myself and see a different person beginning to look back at me in the mirror.  I am consistently running two miles straight on the treadmill and it feels great.  I could barely run a mile in Jr. High and wouldn't dare try in high school, but look at what I am accomplishing a two mile run in 23 minutes.

I don't know how many people read these blogs, but I want to get in your face a little bit.  NOW IS THE TIME! No more excuses, (I'm getting emotional LOL!)  It's time Oklahoma to get up and get moving, get on your feet and move, quit being okay with a life of laziness.  No more being okay with watching yourself slowly kill yourself with bad eating habits and lazy exercise habits.  We were given these bodies for a reason and that's not to watch them get fat and out of shape.  I hope this makes some of you mad because I hope it gets under your skin enough to make you do something about it!!!  To my generation we need to take charge and each and every one of us need to strive to personally wipe the terms, morbid obesity, overweight from the health books.  It's my earnest plea to anyone that reads this take control back from the fast food joints, get your life back and begin to be a happier and healthier you!!  You can do it, it will be hard there are no easy answers, but with the hard work comes awesome, life changing results, and you can do it I BELIEVE IN YOU!

I look forward to hearing from you, whoever you might be, share with not only us but with Oklahoma about how your life has changed.

MFC Contestant and your personal cheerleader Josh Byler