Losing Your Home to a "Lien Sale"

Monday, April 21st 2008, 7:11 pm
By: News 9

It looks like "Lien Sales" will be a thing of the past here in Oklahoma.  It's already passed the house and senate and is heading over to the governor's desk for signature.

If it passes, homeowners who don't pay their taxes will still lose their home.  But now homeowners will have an extra 8 months before that could happen. 
Now, homes will be sold through a lien "resale" in June of every year.  It is an auction and it must sell either for 2/3 the value of the home or the taxes, fees, and penalties - whichever is LESS.

Here's a link to more info about the resale (please note, the link has not been updated with this year's dates, but hopefully it will be soon):


As for Dolla Garcia's case, it will be interesting to see what the Oklahoma Supreme Court says. 

Here are some extra facts about the case:

-  Dolla's stance is that she's exempt from the lien sale because she's below the poverty line.  She says she didn't receive her first payment from disability until July 2006.  Ted Parks LLC acquired her deed in September of 2006.
- The county says since she was on disability at that time, it pushes her above the poverty level and she did not qualify for an exemption.
- Dolla says she wasn't aware she was going to lose her property.
- The county says every homeowner is given a written warning that their liens can be sold. They get that notice as soon as they fall behind on their taxes.