Oklahoma’s unknown Flame

Thursday, April 24th 2008, 11:34 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com Insite Team

Oklahoma's most famous unknown rapper, Flame, is on his way to making it.

Oklahoma resident Flame has been in the music business since he was in the sixth grade, but he was rapping earlier than that.

"My dad was DJing when I was three," Flame said. "We used to have talent shows that we used to do. I used to film it."

Flame is proud of his home state of Oklahoma. According to him, many rappers draw from life experiences for inspiration. Most of his songs refer to Oklahoma surroundings and living in the Sooner state.

Flame said that people who have never been to Oklahoma think that the state is made up of cowboys and red dirt and that's it.

"We have them, but it's Oklahoma City. I think of Oklahoma City as a city surrounded by the country," Flame said.  "We're always going to be country, but people just don't have the right perception of us."

People of Oklahoma might not be familiar with Flame and his music, but those on the West Coast know who he is. He's been performing up and down the West Coast for the last couple of years and is now ready to take the next step in his career.

"I've done a lot. More on the West Coast than here unfortunately. I'm just getting a big time response out there in LA," Flame said.

Recording labels have wanted to sign Flame but the right deal hasn't come along.

"Just because you get an offer for $50 thousand does not mean you need to sign it," Flame said. "You got to think of a lot. You got to read and know what you're doing before you just sign anything, because that's what happens to one hit wonders."

Flame's ultimate goal is to be able to make and produce music from Oklahoma City.

"My plan is to be successful in music, and provide for my family. I'm going to buy my mom and dad a house because they've always been there for me and bring a lot of money to Oklahoma City."

Flame has some advice for those who are trying to make it in the music industry.

"Just don't stop. The music business is about keep going and keep going and keep going. There's going to be a lot of times where people will say, ‘No, hey you suck,' or ‘You can't make it,' but as long as you believe in yourself, there's nothing, nothing you can't conquer. Just keep on hustling," Flame said.

Flame even has a message for those who don't know of him, yet.

"Just listen to the radio or watch out for TV because I will be there. I'm not going to stop, never have."