7 lunch breaks in one work day. It's possible.

Tuesday, April 29th 2008, 9:44 am
By: News 9

I come from the land of good food (Louisiana) so I guess I became the obvious choice. 

"Doug we need someone to eat at seven burger joints and you have to do it in only seven hours".   A couple of days later, I was in a station vehicle headed to El Reno, Chickasha, Meers, Ada and Shawnee.  I was assigned to taste test the seven Oklahoma burgers which made the top 100 list as compiled by the book "Hamburger America".   The story aired April 25th at 10pm.  

Here's the link to watch   -     http://www.news9.com/Global/story.asp?s=8229343

So basically, I came to work and took seven lunch breaks.  Do I have a great job or what?  That's almost as nice as clocking in at work, without ever having to drive into work (see last blog). 

Here's a couple of ‘extras' that didn't make the final cut about these seven cool burgers spots on the map.

Johnnie's - Don't let the fact the building has no windows make you think they're hiding something.  Their burgers are for everyone to see .. and eat, even at 6am.

Robert's - It's just one block west of Johnnie's and only sits about a dozen or so customers.  If you sit too close, you feel like you could be flipping the burgers yourself.

Sid's - We interviewed co-owner Marty Hall.  The ‘other' co-owner is brother Bob, who quit his 6-figure job at Exxon in Houston to help flip burgers after their father Sid past.

J&W - Funny story .. one customer told me these burgers not only taste great, but smell great .. so great that the first stop made by people being released from the county jail located downwind from J&W, is for a burger at J&W.

Meers - Funny line from a funny owner, Joe Maranto .. "We're not talking about fast food with a machine over here that's cooks the meat and another one over here that toasts the bun, and a bunch of kids in the middle that throws everything together.  That's not a burger"

Folger's - A customer told me when she and her husband were much younger in the 70's, they were so poor that on Friday nights they turned the Lazy-Boy upside-down, collected the change that fell out, and drove to Folger's for a burger.

Hamburger King - I definitely have to go back.  Sorry Colleen, but my taste buds were dead and my stomach bloated by the time I hit the ‘King'.  Thanks for the t-shirt and coffee mug.

I'm pushing to do a mattress testing story next.  I can really use the sleep.