Friday, May 2nd 2008, 4:28 pm
By: News 9

By Darren Brown, News9.com INsite team

I wrote about Oklahoma's weather a few weeks ago, and I thought that would be enough.  Until last night.  When I dealt with two different hailstorms.  I drove through one on the way to pick up my kids, and another while I was trying to watch TV last night.  The first one came and went quickly--however I feared my News9.com-mobile would be torn to shreds. 

But I guess it fared better than some car dealerships in Midwest City.  Have you seen that video?  I hear those folks received baseball-sized hail.  The stuff I drove through was more the pea-sized variety. 

But those peas were just a sign of things to come--BAD THINGS.  I think it was about 12:30 am or so when it got noisy at my humble abode.  BOOM!  CRASH!  Thunder doesn't bother me-- in fact I really dig it.  And lightning is just SO cool.  Plus I had already been watching Gary most of the night and wasn't worried.  BUT--hail is a different story, man. 

All kinds of things run through your head during a hailstorm.  "Is that window gonna make it?"  "I hope the kids don't wake up." (Of course they did)  "I KNEW I should have cleaned the garage out."  "My poor car."  "If that window DOES break, I don't think I have any big cardboard."  "What did I do with that big tarp that I had?"  "Did I leave the cat outside?" 

The stuff that I got at my house was big-marble-sized.  It looked like snow, there was so much of it.  The good news though, is that the storm moved through pretty quickly.  And my little house wasn't beaten up too badly, unlike my nerves.