Your Life Makeover Winner- Losing 165 pounds

Wednesday, May 7th 2008, 4:31 pm
By: News 9

I'm so excited to award our first "Your Life Your Way" makeover of the year.

Holly Wilson is a 2nd grade teacher at Perry Elementary and emailed me her story on how she is indeed living her life her way.

She found herself almost 165 pounds overweight (weighing 305 at her highest) and she decided it was time to make a change and she did it the good old fashion way, through diet and exercise.

Holly found support through her Christian friendships who told her about a free gym called "The Cube." It is a ministry of sorts funded by Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany, which also provided her a free trainer. I encourage you to look into churches in your area to see what services you might find.

Holly could barely walk 4 or 5 houses on her block when she first started 11 months ago. Now she is running a mile a day, walking up to seven miles a day. She also incorporates weight training into her work out's. All and all, Holly is working out 7 days a week.

As for her diet, Holly has completely gone off fried foods, sodas, sweets, breads and pastas. She tells me once every week or two she'll eat a little red meat, but it is very limited.

Holly eats a lot of chicken, fish and salads. She says water has been the key for her weight loss. She drinks it nonstop throughout the day.

Holly says she found keeping a food diary has been the biggest factor in her weight loss overall. She says when she sees what all she has consumed that day, and it's all been healthy, she is less inclined to want to blow it. She says though, when she has fallen off the bandwagon, she picks right back up at the next meal.

One thing that's been neat is seeing how Holly has gotten her class involved in her new healthy lifestyle. She's used her experience as a teaching tool and now her students are bringing healthy foods in their lunches and if they have a class party it is healthy snacks and juice.

I hope you are encouraged to start your own health plan. What you gain in return goes well beyond looks. Your overall health will be better, which means less medications, less doctor visits and just an overall better way of life.

Best of luck to you and keep your stories of how you're living your life your way coming.