Issues for vote Tuesday with bond issue

Monday, May 12th 2008, 11:19 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma County voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide these issues.

The monthly average costs are based on a $100,000 market value home with homestead:
(Total $84.5 million Bond Amount or $1.26 per month per home).

Tinker Air Force Base, T.A.C. 9000 (Tinker Aerospace Complex)

Proposition I - issue bonds in the amount of 55 Million Dollars to purchase the GM facility and allow Tinker Air Force Base to lease the facility from the county with potential of transferring the property to the Air Force at some future time. Monthly average cost is 82 cents.

County Courthouse Renovation

Proposition II - issue bonds in the amount of 10.5 Million Dollars to provide necessary funds to renovate the plumbing, air conditioning, heating and other structural necessities in the Oklahoma County Courthouse. Monthly average cost is 16 cents.

County Record Retention

Proposition III - issue bonds in the amount of 5.75 Million Dollars to provide necessary storage space to retain and protect official records and documents which must be kept secure and protected in a facility large enough to kept current records and improve file access to such records. Monthly average cost is 11 cents.

Cooperative Extension Service
Proposition IV - issue bonds in the amount of 7.250 Million Dollars for the construction of a new facility for the Oklahoma County OSU Cooperative Extension Service in order to provide sufficient space for the numerous county programs offered through 4-H, Master Gardeners, Nutrition education, and other home, family and community education programs. Monthly average cost is 9 cents.

Natural Hazard Mitigation and Flood Relief

Proposition V - issue bonds in the amount of 6 Million Dollars to alleviate flooding problems in the Northwestern and Central areas of Oklahoma County, which would also provide for flood control, wildfire prevention and other disaster relief projects throughout the County, with the ability to have the funds of this bond issue matched with federal monies to be applied to provide natural hazard and disaster mitigation, roads, bridges and drainage facilities in these specified areas in Oklahoma County. Monthly average cost is 9 cents.

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