Q&A: Post Mortem of the Hornets ousted from playoffs

Tuesday, May 20th 2008, 2:28 pm
By: News 9

Hello patrons,

The following Q & A test comes some 12 hours after OUR Hornets were eliminated from the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, 91-82. 

Was Jannero Pargo sober when he became jack-happy in the late stages of the Hornets' loss to the Spurs in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals? 

Will Pargo be playing in Fargo this time next year?

Will Robert Horry ever miss a critical three-point attempt in the playoffs? 

Who would you rather have next season at point guard: Chris Paul, Tony Parker or Deron Williams?

Any questions now about the importance of "winning" playoff experience in pro sports?  

Who is Diddly Squat? Because that's exactly what being an inexperienced four-point home favorite means when you meet the defending champions.  

Are there two better, former, NBA players who are more studly coaches of character in the NBA than Doc Rivers and Byron Scott? 

Truth serum: Where would George Shinn, Chris Paul and Coach Scott prefer to play next season: New Orleans or OKC? 

Which team would OKC fans prefer to have: Hornets or the Whatchamucallits from Seattle? (Do pigs fly?) 

Have you ever been interested in the draft lottery until now (when the Sonics' future is in large measure tied to ping pong balls)?  

By how many lengths would Big Red beat Big Brown in the Belmont Stakes? (Secretariat finished off the Triple Crown by 31 ½ lengths which could have been 35 if need be). 

What's your bet that Charles Barkley does not gamble anymore, at least "not for at least two years"? 

Why is home-ice-advantage not as significant as home-court in the playoffs?

Why is golf so hard? And why does it get harder the older you get?

Did you know that shooting 80 at Oak Tree Golf Club is like shooting 70 at a lot of munis?  

Why are boosters allowed at "press" conferences? Better yet, we know that answer, so the question is: Should boosters be allowed at press conferences?

What would you prefer the most: I stop with the questions or give my opinion? I think I know your answer so I'll stop with the questions.

However, I will give some opinions tomorrow on the second installment of DEAN'S DOMAIN, right here on the cream de la crème, news9.com.


Fairways and greens,