Best deals on gas

Friday, May 23rd 2008, 8:58 am
By: News 9

 Hey there..... Hope you are all as excited as I am about the Holiday weekend! (  Wow .. time goes by fast.....)    One thing is for certain...I know you have noticed the increase in  Gas Prices.....gasonline prices have jumped more than .30 cents at the pump in just the past 30 days....   In fact the other day when I was filling up... the gas pump cut off the gas at a capped price... before my tank was full! (That was a first )   

So here is a way to find the  the best deals at the pump.. and how can you stretch your dollar. Shop around for a lower price, but don't go miles out of your way to get the best price. Hit the internet   will give you a good gague of current prices in the state.. and across the country... and you don't have to leave your driveway. And when you do go to purchase gas... find a busy station. Gas that sits in tanks for long periods can get contaminated and lower its effectiveness. Purchase your gasoline in the early morning or at night when it is cooler outside. Also check your car's tire pressure each month ... another thing try to accelerate gently, brake gradually and avoid stops when driving.  These tips should help you get more miles  to the gallon.

It is memorial day weekend ... and be on the lookout for area firefighters.  Many fire departments are "Filling the Boot" for MDA this weekend.  They normally do so over the Labor Day Holiday.... but in recent years some fire department have changed it to the Memorial Day weekend for collections.   This years goal for the Oklahoma City fire department is $200,000.00 so help out all you can if you see an area firefighter.  Remember a donation to MDA can also be tax deductible... Helping Kids and get a tax break.. now that is Power for you Pocketbook.  Have a great and safe Holiday weekend