Oklahoma...it's Gentner--rific!

Thursday, May 29th 2008, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

by Darren Brown, News9.com Insite team

I know, I know, I've written about weather before.  But I just can't help it.  Here's another one.

Weather is such a part of our culture here in Oklahoma.  It determines when we plant, when we harvest, even when we picnic. 

I lived in New Mexico for a short while.  Great food.  Great scenery.  Loved the mountains.  Guess what I missed the most...SEVERE WEATHER!

No kidding.  It would get really cloudy and then nothing would happen.  That used to happen all the time.

But not here in Oklahoma.  There are certain days that you just get that feeling.  That feeling that a tornado is going to plop down somewhere in the state.

On those rare occasions that I'm NOT involved in our severe weather coverage, you know what I'm doing.  Yeah, watching tv just like everyone else.  CSI's not on?  I'll watch Gary instead.  Where's Mason headed?  More importantly, WHO'S ON THE GENTNER? 

Man, that Gentner's a party!  Who's got the LOWERING?  Where's the INFLOW coming from?  Is it RAIN WRAPPED?  

There are times when I intend to just watch for a minute or two, but then I look up and I've been watching storm coverage for over an  hour. 

And I don't think it's just me.  I have friends who do the same.  Funny, but folks who move here from other states sometimes just don't get it.  They might not EVER get it.  "How can you sit there and watch weather coverage?"  Easy, I've been doing it since I was a kid. 

But seriously, weather is  studied, analyzed, and measured here in Oklahoma like no other place around.  Most folks know what to look and listen for.  And if you don't, it's as simple as turning on your tv.

You might miss what happened on "Two and a Half Men," but you'll always know who's on the Gentner.