If only they would have known

Monday, June 16th 2008, 12:42 am
By: News 9

Criminals strike everyday in Oklahoma City. 

From thefts to burglaries to beatings, it's just a sad fact of life, but I just wish these people who break the law would sit and think twice about what kind of impact they really have on the lives of others.

Today I was assigned to go to the city of Bethany were police are still looking for two people who helped beat a man nearly to death.   The senseless crime happened after the victim was checking on a disturbance near his apartment.  These thugs didn't like Jay Gann interfering with their ‘business', so they jumped him and viciously attacked him with a pipe and now this man is on life support at a local hospital.

What these criminals did not know before their foolish actions landed this guy in the hospital is he had just reunited with his young daughter the weekend before, and they were spending this special Father's Day weekend getting to finally know one another.

Just imagine the heartache this girl is going through.  She told me for years she had been searching for her real father and finally there was a break in her life-long mystery.  She located her real mother on the internet and with a little detective work she was finally able to track down her dad.

The two met up last weekend and it's been a family reunion that put a smile on everybody's face.   The daughter, Candis Hill, was so happy to see her dad again she invited her friends over for a night full of drinking, singing and good times.

The 23-year old left that night, feeling good - not from the countless beers and drinks - but from the love she was finally getting to share with the man who she always wanted to know and was finally getting to do so.  

Fast forward 24 hours and now this same young lady, who rejoiced all week, sat down in front of me this afternoon and broke down in tears and said "I've never prayed in my life, but I'm praying now.  I want my father to live." 

If only those criminals would have known this.......

Rusty Surette