Not too proud to beg

Saturday, June 21st 2008, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

My assignment today was to cover a fatal accident on I-35 near Guthrie.   Click on the link to view the details of the crash, but let me explain how I managed to get up close and personal with the mangled truck in my ‘live shot'.

Around 5:30 the tow truck guys were hooking up the truck and were on their way to clearing the scene of the crash.  That meant for my live report at 6:00 I would have nothing behind me - just an empty field, and that's something we try our best to avoid on television. It's about as exciting as being live in front of the county courthouse at 10:00 at night, and trust me - that happens more than I'd like to admit.  

So, just as the men were about to pull away, I walked up to them and begged them to stick around for another 15 or so minutes.  I'm happy to report that the good guys at Bowman's 24-hour Wrecker Service (405-282-5239) backed the wrecked truck up to our camera and the result is what you saw on TV.  

Showing our viewer the result of the crash is much more memorable than pointing out an empty field.

The guys probably burned up $50 bucks in gas sitting there for us, but hopefully this blog might send some customers their way.   A shout-out (or in this case - free advertising) is the least I could do for the guys who stuck around in the 90-something-degree heat for the sake of live television.

Rusty Surette