Operation Boot Camp - Day 4

Monday, July 7th 2008, 5:09 pm
By: News 9

July 3

Operation Boot Camp - Day 4

Today the instructors, Scott and Tracie made sure they sent us off to a three day weekend with a bang. It started with warm up and stretch, then we jogged to a grassy spot at the park with three designated areas.

The first area had weighted exercise bars. Area two had a ladder laying on the ground. Area three had cones set up about 20 feet apart. At area one we pressed the bar overhead, then brought the bar down to shoulder-level while doing a squat. After one minute, we ran over to the cones, and sprinted between the cones for a minute. At the ladder, we would do a push up, then scoot over, working our way around the ladder. We rotated around to each station several times for about 30 minutes, with the workout at each station varying a little each time. As always, it was fun. Tiring, but a lot of fun.

Today we were asked to give 110%, and I really did try! Everyone did! This workout is not for people who are lazy, and if Scott or Tracie don't think you gave it your all, the whole group might have to start all over. It's almost like being on a team - if you fail, the team fails - and no one wants to be the one to cause everyone to do an extra 25 pushups!

With a three day weekend coming up, there will be a lot of temptation. Snow cone stands are on every corner. Cookouts include dressing-rich side salads and sugary treats. I hope I just stick to the assigned homework and eat my six small meals a day! -- Paula P.S. We do get one "splurge" meal a week. Today is our executive producer (and bootcamp instructor) Jenny's birthday, so we had lunch at Abuelo's. If chips and salsa and refried beans and tacos are a splurge, then that was my splurge meal!

-- Paula