Operation Boot Camp - Day 8

Wednesday, July 9th 2008, 11:02 am
By: News 9

July 7

Operation Boot Camp - Day 8

Before I go on, I should tell you, we do all of our workouts in local parks, outside. A few people have told me their gyms have a "bootcamp" workout, but I doubt very much it's anything like what we do. This is outside, rain or shine, and we have instructors cheering us on, and challenging us the whole way. This isn't a gym class with one woman up in the front, wearing a microphone and heading up an aerobics class. I'm sure those workouts are challenging and fun, but they are not Operation Bootcamp. If you want to find a class near you, go to www.operationbootcamp.com.

Today was the funnest workout as of yet. We did what was called the "Rifle Run." No, we didn't get real guns, just a weighted bar bell. After a warmup and stretch, we jogged over to the parking lot and lined up into two teams. The first person in each line carried the bar overhead as we ran. When Scott blew the whistle, we handed the bar backward, and the last person in line raced the person in the other team to the front. Both teams would do a drill, like jumping jacks, but the losing team would do more of them.

I can't tell if I've lost any weight the past week - we aren't allowed to weigh ourselves until the program is over. However, my stomach is already getting some definition and my legs are stronger. A week into the program, I'm enjoying the class a lot.

-- Paula