Operation Boot Camp - Day 10

Wednesday, July 9th 2008, 11:48 am
By: News 9

July 9

Operation Boot Camp - Day 10

I knew something was up this morning when my friend/executive producer/bootcamp instructor Jenny Monroe drove her husband's giant SUV to bootcamp instead of her brand new car. My instincts were right.

Here's how the morning went: warm up, stretch, then the announcement that we were to line up in two teams and PUSH THE SUV ALL OVER THE PARK. Don't worry - we stayed on the paved roads. Jenny jumped in the driver's seat, News9 photographer Tim Ackelmire jumped in the back, and off we went.

I thought the rifle run was fun, but this was the best workout so far! One person from each team pushed as hard as possible for about 20 seconds until instructor Tracie blew the whistle. The next two people would then run up and push while the two who just pushed returned to the back of the pack and jogged behind. We did this for about 40 minutes, with a couple of rest stops (if you can call tricep dips as rest) along the way. We grunted and sweat and pushed that truck 2.16 miles (Jenny checked), all the while everyone was cheering each other on. This is a great class!

Eating six times a day is getting old, but I understand the benefit. I might have better luck with it if I would do some meal planning. While I can bake like Betty Crocker, actual savory dishes are beyond my comfort zone. Thank goodness for whole grain cereal, grab-n-go protein bars, and those handy packets of tuna.

-- Paula