Curves 3

Friday, July 11th 2008, 6:16 am
By: News 9

Curves 3
Well, I didn't make it to the center on Monday of this week. I just didn't make it before the lunch break. So I went on Wednesday and missing Monday meant I had to go through the soreness again! My own fault.
This workout was different though. The first couple of times you are learning the equipment and just trying to remember how to operate the machines. About the third workout I knew what to do and so it was time to focus on the exercise itself. It takes a lot of concentration if you want to have the right form and get in a lot of repetitions. I like that though because I swear... that 30-minutes was over before it really began. I love that! You also maintain a target heart rate range and that is your aerobic workout for the day. I won't say it gets just changes and your focus gets easier.