Memories of Murcer

Saturday, July 12th 2008, 11:09 pm
By: News 9

By Dennis Kelly, NEWS 9

We just got the e-mail from our church where Bobby was a loyal member.  It is sad and makes your childhood come to life, especially the boomers that are 50 plus.  I guess I had no reason to be a Yankee fan after Mantle retired in 1968 and I remember how upset I was when Bobby was traded in October of 74 to of all places, San Francisco.  He gave us at least some hope and we had an Oklahoman to root for.

When I put on the interlocking NY and root for the New York Yankees as I live out here on the plains, I remember why I am a fan of the pinstripes.  Mantle, originally I guess, but it has always been Bobby Murcer.  The OKC shortstop gave a small town kid with an inspiration to play the infield a reason to run to the sports pages between the years 1965 and the early 70's to see how he performed.  Did he play SS, 3b or Outfield?  I sat many hours in front of the television just waiting to hear his name and anxiously hoping he had done something worthy of mention.  The greatest team of all has its Babe, Gehrig, Jeter and Reggie, but Oklahoma had its Yankee legend, Bobby Murcer.

God bless his family and a life well lived.  He fought the good fight and we'll see you later, brother.