Operation Boot Camp - Day 13

Monday, July 14th 2008, 10:51 am
By: News 9

July 12

Operation Boot Camp - Day 13

It's Saturday and I had a chance to do an extra class today to make up for missing Thursday, but I woke up too late to get there in time. That's a bummer, because I was looking forward to getting in the Saturday class. I had to opt for homework instead. I chose 20 minutes of jogging followed by a 10-minute stretch and the core exercises. Even though that was all I had to do, I also went to a local high school and went up and down the bleachers a few times as a boost. The whole time I was working out, I was a litle bored. It's just not the same doing this by myself! I think that's what sets bootcamp apart from other programs.

I heard someone say some people see dramatic changes in their bodies after just two weeks. My legs are showing the most improvement. For the first time in my life, I'm getting some definition in my calves!

-- Paula