Operation Boot Camp - Day 19

Friday, July 18th 2008, 3:32 pm
By: News 9

July 18

Operation Boot Camp - Day 19

For a split second today I thought about just skipping boot camp today. It's Friday, yesterday was a long, exhausting day and I just have a general lazy spell every now and then. I'm very glad I didn't. Today was fun!

We started with a quick run through the park where we stopped at a steep hill. At the base of the hill we did one pushup. We sprinted to the top of the hill and did two pushups. We ran back down and did three pushups. Back up for four. Down for five. We continued until we hit ten pushups, then ran down for nine, up for eight, etc. If my math is correct, we did 100 pushups today!

That, I found out, is what they call the "pushup marathon," and no, that wasn't the fun part of the day.

What was a blast was what came after the pushups. We ran over to a big field that had cones set up, spaced about 25 yards apart. Tracie announced we were playing something called Ultimate Frisbee. It's a cross between frisbee, football, soccer and basketball. It's a little hard to explain, but basically we split into teams and passed the frisbee to our goal. I suppose there was a lot of running involved, but playing a game like that, I didn't notice. Score one for my competitive nature. At one point I got a little too gung-ho, and while trying to knock an inbound frisbee out of instructor Jenny's hands, I accidentally bent her fingernail backwards. I'm sorry, Jenny!

Big kudos go out to today's MVP, Coleman. I don't think I've told you about him. He's 12 years old - and he keeps up with the grown-ups! Great job, Coleman!

I splurged big-time at lunch today. My meal started out nice and healthy. It was a crisp salad with just a splash of dressing. I was saving up for the main course - fried chicken fingers and French fries. That was the only fried anything I've eaten since I started the program. Since it was a splurge meal, I had dessert. The apple cobbler ala mode really hit the spot. Well, it did for a little while. An hour after eating, I realized I ate way too much bad stuff, and ate it far too quickly. That'll teach me.

-- Paula