Operation Boot Camp - Day 22

Monday, July 21st 2008, 12:35 pm
By: News 9

July 21

Operation Boot Camp - Day 22

This morning I was asked to lead the class in a run up to where we would be doing the bulk of the workout. I was so proud of myself...until I heard Jenny's evil giggle behind me. As we rounded a corner I saw before me a parking lot filled with orange cones. If you've read this blog at all, you know how much I dislike workouts involving those little orange devils. I mean it. Those things usually mean a lot of running.

However, today the cones meant we were going to have fun! The workout was called the Landrun. We broke up into two groups: Boomers and Sooners. Each team lined up on opposite sides of the parking lot. When Scott blew the whistle we ran to the first cone (our stake of land!) and picked it up. Whatever number was written inside was how many jump-squats we had to do.

After claiming our "land" we went over to a grassy area and did three different upper-body exercises for two minutes each. Two minutes of tricep dips was really painful. I had to stop a few times and shake my arms out. That, however, wasn't nearly as painful as was was about to happen.

We did the "land run" again, this time doing as many regular squats as instructed under each cone. Then we went to another grassy area to do lower body exercises. Oh, holy cow, one of them was awful. We grabbed a partner, and my unfortunate partner was Candace. We had to stand back-to-back, link arms, then lean backward on each other in a squat. My legs were burning. BURNING. I had to stand up quite a few times or else I'd have started crying. What was really bad for Candace was when we did this awkward core exercise were we had to lie on our backs, link arms and flip our legs over each other. I accidentally knocked her in the head. I was mortified. She's a great sport and laughed it off, and was thankfully okay.

All in all, the sea of cones wasn't so bad. I might learn to like those little orange devils.

-- Paula